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1 de junio de 2018

lift the veil from your eyes

Friday, March 23, 2018

Massimo Mafia of London

The Massimo family of Rome are the owners of the Clerkenwell crime syndicate in London also known as the Adams Family or A-Team for its founders Terry, Tommy, and Patrick Adams. Prince Stefano Massimo lives in London and his mother was Dawn Addams an English actress that married Prince Vittorio Massimo of Roccasecca. Clerkenwell was nicknamed "London's Little Italy" for its large Italian population. The Clerkenwell crime syndicate is involved in murder, extortion, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. They are believed to be involved with the Brink's-Mat Robbery consisting of hundreds of millions in stolen cash, diamonds, and gold. It is possible they murdered the Scottish billionaire Scot Young by throwing him off a building while the media claims it was either suicide or the Russian Mafia. His reported wealth was never accounted for. The Adams crime family are also allied with the Irish Mafia and Arifs Turkish Mafia. Danny Morrow is a member of a Glasgow gang and a ruthless associate of the Clerkenwell Mafia.

The Massimo family established an Irish noble branch called the Barons Massy in Limerick where the McCarthy-Dundon crime family operate in. In Ireland there is also the international Rathkeale Rovers crime syndicate. The mafia extort and blackmail politicians, bankers, members of the media, and businessmen. They are covert and use violence. Prince Stefano's mother Dawn Addams remarried to Jimmy White the name White similar to her name Addams relating to the Adams crime family. Alfred Henry White was at one point an enforcer for Charles Sabini an English-Italian gangster located in Clerkenwell. Prince Stefano Massimo married and divorced Atalanta Foxwell of England and lives in London today and their son Prince Valerio Massimo is in business with Duke Edward Spencer Churchill running Auctus Industries an aerospace company. Some of the British nobility are double agents serving the British Crown and covertly working with the Black Nobility of Rome. They are using their mafias to threaten and extort politicians, reporters, bankers, and businessmen. Even white collar criminals fear the Black Hand. Prince Stefano Massimo is a ruthless, murderous, terrorist that makes non stop threats.

Don Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio is the top owner of the Vatican and has high authority over the Sicilian Mafia like the Corleonisi Clan. They own a large fortress in Arsoli and another castle in Campania. The Massimo family use lions on their coat of arms like Corleone, Sicily uses a lion on its flag. The Massimo family frequently take the name Leone which means lion. Brancaccio is a neighborhood in Sicily where Cosa Nostra originated and named after the Brancaccio family that later merged with the Massimo family. The Massimos use violence, threats, terrorism, extortion, and blackmail as their primary tools for control. The Massimo family are one of the oldest families of Rome and claim to be the ancient Fabii-Maximus dynasty. They likely have a portion of Maximus ancestry. The names Massimo or Maximus mean massive or the Latin meaning of greatest. The Fabii family were known for using the “scorched earth” military tactic during the Roman Empire. Scorched Earth is a ruthless tactic where they burn everything down that can aid an enemy like food, resources, and people. The communist Fabian Society uses the wolf in sheep’s clothing for its logo. Fabii like Fabian. The Massimo family are married with various royal bloodlines including the Savoy, Bourbon, and Osorio noble family which have a family branch in Galicia, Spain. The Osorio family use wolves on their coat of arms. Prince Carlo Massimo is married to Princess Elisa Osorio of Moscoso and Estagna.  Amancio Ortega is from Galicia and works as a Court Factor and money launderer for Spanish nobility including the House of Osorio. Amancio Ortega is one of the wealthiest billionaires on the planet and worth more than 70 billion. He owns Inditex with the store chain called Massimo Dutti which is high end fashion.

Prince Stefano Massimo married into the British Foxwell family and he is a fashion photographer with residences in London. Prince Stefano’s mother was the English actress Dawn Addams. The Massimo family of Roccasecca own the Clerkenwell Mafia of London also called the Adams crime family and part owners of various Irish Mafias. The district of Clerkenwell is known as London’s “Little Italy.” Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is a Vatican Knight of the Order of St Gregory. Fox was covertly named for Foxwell. The fox is considered a cunning animal. Fox News is a propaganda machine for the Vatican. Prince Valerio Massimo founded SCM Capital Partners and an aerospace company called Auctus Industries with his business associate Duke Edward Spencer-Churchill. The House of Massimo and other Italian Nobility have infiltrated the United Kingdom and work with the House of Windsor and some British Peers. The Massimo family has married in with the Lucchesi-Palli, Savoy-Genovese, and Bourbon families. All these families are mafia owners. The Massimo family have a close alliance with the Borghese family with Princess Barbara Massimo-Brancaccio married to Prince Scipione Borghese. I believe the billionaire Bulgari family of Rome work for the Massimo family. The Bulgari family and their jewelry company were recently investigated for tax evasion. Some jewelry companies are involved in money laundering by fixing the prices of jewelry. The Bulgari family originated from Bulgaria which uses a coat of arms with two lions similar to the Massimo coat of arms. I believe the term Black in Black Nobility refers to the Black Sea along the eastern coast of Bulgaria. The words mass and bulge can be synonymous.

The House of Massimo is the nucleus of the Black Nobility. They are the primary owners of the Holy See. It is believed that they have a hidden ancestry with the ancient Spanish House of Burgundy. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands claims Burgundian ancestry. It is also believed that Baron August von Senarclens de Grancy who had an affair with Princess Wilhelmine of Baden was a relative of the Massimo family and this is why the House of Hesse created the name Battenberg for suspected Senaclens offspring which later married in with the royal families of Russia, Spain, Sweden, and England. Princess Marie of Battenberg’s son was named Count Maximilian and another suspected Senarclens was Princess Maximiliane Wilhelmine Auguste Sophie Marie of Hesse. Prince Carlo Massimo oversees the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta. The Order of Malta was involved in various wars and several top military and intelligence leaders in the United States like Alexander Haig, William Colby, and John McCone were Knights of Malta. The Massimo family have authority over a faction of the Jesuits through their Massimiliano Massimo Institute and the former Jesuit Nobile Collegio Mondragone which had five Massimo presidents. Prince Ferdinando Massimo has been an honorary president of this closed college. Mondragone uses a dragon for its symbol. The Black Nobility use Jesuits as Roman intelligence and infiltrators. The Roman born Mario Draghi is President of the European Central Bank and Draghi was educated at the Massimo Institute. The Black Nobility have control over vast wealth through private Swiss banking. There are three members from Rome on the Bank for International Settlements’ Board of Directors including Mario Draghi, Fabio Panetta, and Ignazio Visco. The very evil Prince Giacomo Massimo-Brancaccio worked at Banca Finnat located at the Palazzo Altieri in Rome.

The Massimo family are at the foundations of the global crime syndicate and they are involved in every crime imaginable including war crimes, terrorism, murder, extortion, threats, human trafficking, money laundering and more. The Massimo family also run organized crime in Rome like the Magliana Mafia and were one of the families behind the neo-fascist group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari headed up by their agent Massimo Carminati. This family has a portion of ownership over various mafias including the Corleonisi Clan, Magliana Mafia, Gambino crime family, Clerkenwell Mafia, Lanza crime family, Philly Mob, Irish Mafia, and Boston crime family. Most mafias pay dues back to the Massimo family through their Corleonisi Clan of Sicily. Individual mafia families make billions per year. It is believed that the Massimo Palazzo has an underground tunnel connecting to the basement of the Vatican which is how they have maintained their control. The Massimos have recently married in with the Carpegna-Falconieri-Gabrielli family which function as their support.

Members of the Massimo crime family include the following:
Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio
Donna Alessandra Malesci
Princess Barbara Massimo-Brancaccio
Prince Giacomo Leone Massimo-Brancaccio
Prince Carlo Massimo
Prince Stefano Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Valerio Massimo of Roccasecca (Foxwell)
Prince Cesare Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Tancredi Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Ferdinando Massimo
Prince Lucovico Massimo-Lancellotti
Prince Ascanio Massimo-Lancellotti
Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti
Prince Giacomo Massimo-Brancaccio’s unnamed father is another high level and well guarded member of this wicked family and possibly living in France or French Polynesia.
The Massimo family are the greatest source of wickedness and corruption on the Earth.

Don Fabrizio Massimo

Prince Giacomo Massimo in the middle

Filippo Massimo Lancellotti II

Stefano Massimo, prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci

Prince Carlo Massimo

Barbara Massimo with Scipione Borghese

Ferdinando Massimo


Cesare Camillo Alessandro Massimo di Roccasecca dei Volsci

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