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RACES extraterrestrials (1) Draconian


The Dacronians occupy a stronger position than other beings. Reptilians are another group of powerful beings reptile , snake or crocodile, which may have a tail, long or short, may be more or less humanoid, or more or less saury, with claws, reptilian eyes and skin cold and scaly like dinosaurs. These Draconian they could be described as beings with aspect of  " the devil or satan "  that is, have leathery wings sometimes small and sometimes large horns on his head, red reptilian eyes, claws instead of hands, strong legs as animal legs are huge in size and technology, and with a sinister - looking scatter its powerful psychic power, belong to other dimensions where They run the worlds under their power,  using advanced technology,   they connect to suppliers free energy of the physical plane or 3D gathering of the worlds-planets of suffering and pain like Earth,  where humans are mentally scourged so as to generate emotions low vibration, which is definitely one of the free energy. Moran in underground bases on different planets of our solar system, but also in underground facilities  " secret "  of the Earth with the complicity of some terrestrial powers. 

Resultat d'imatges of alien races

Since these beings have a very advanced technology as to prolong their lives for thousands of years, they are capable of long - term projects. Devices or implants placed in our astral dimension, the "invisible world", are the remote and locators human physical bodies which have placed the souls that control for your product from thousands or tens of thousands of years ago . The captured souls are governed by life in physical bodies of human beings incarnated in this world and in other controlled worlds, where they are given pain and spiritual suffering from life to life, for thousands of years, thus generating your product , its benefits and its "harvest"  Which is free energy of human bodies. But to make this arduous purpose are necessary  " helpers "  or workers - slaves who serve Insectoids hierarchically, Reptilian and Draconian, providingnecessary human energies to their interests.These helpers - workers are the Grays.

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