miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2017


OCTOBER 18, 2017

It is a secret to voices in the intelligence circles, which a group of Israeli specialists in neuroscience and technology has spent years working secretly in Catalonia in the implementation of techniques and technologies of mental control of the masses.

The implementation of these brainwashing technologies are those that explain the massive street mobilization of Catalan separatism, the radicality of its subversive character, the transversality of that movement affecting people of different ages and the fanaticized obedience of these masses to the dictates of the Catalan-Zionist leaders.

The rise of radical separatism has not been generated solely through the deceptive speeches of the separatist leaders and their means, but largely based on these techniques of brainwashing, many of which have been induced through messages Subliminals in the disastrous TV3, an authentic test field of international Zionism and the cause of the expansion of pedophilia in the region, through the infamous Super3 child club, whose main function is not only to indoctrinate children in separatist obedience but to favor the networks of pedophile abuse led by the Generalitat's Directorate General for Attention to Children and Adolescents (DGAIA).

In the last hours, there have been a series of events that predict that this mental control of the fanatized Catalan masses is about to rise to a new stage.

On Monday, October 16, arrived at the Barcelona airport in El Prat, a large group of specialists, under the protection and guardianship of agents of the Mossad, which presages that some kind of great event sponsored by Zionism in the region separatist

The group, under the cover of Israeli diplomacy, introduced unknown technological material for a diplomatic bag in Spain. It should be noted that the material was not particularly bulky, although its content was presumably especially sensitive to the advanced technology.

The group was headed by the prestigious Zionist neuroscientist Haim Sompolinsky, accompanied by a team of experts from Bar-Ilan University, The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Sagol School of Neuroscience of Tel Aviv University.

They were all welcomed by the honorary consul of Israel in Barcelona, ​​the dangerous Zionist agent Josef David Sánchez-Molina Rubín, who has been playing for years with the patience of the Spanish government he has betrayed on several occasions without having earned a deserved punishment .

After being received discreetly by (the satanist) Jordi Turull as representative of the Generalitat, the scientists divided their activities into three groups. Some of them have been installed at the CTTI (Telecommunications and Information Technology Center of the Generalitat). Another group has been installed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, while the main group, with the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team at Eurecat, uses UPC laboratories and facilities.

According to the first reports compiled by the CNI and leaked to SIN networks, the team of Jewish scientists would be implementing the device known as "Pastor" (רועה צאן).

Broadly speaking, said device consists of an advanced software that unlawfully uses mobile telephony antennas to send in a hidden way, waves of different frequencies capable of affecting the human brain by inducing predetermined behaviors in the affected people.

In turn, mobile phones themselves also receive instructions to emit such waves, which turns any massive manifestation into a 'controlled flock' (hence the name of "pastor" for that device), as we have been able to see what happens In the separatist manifestations, where the people there congregated respond in unison as if they had no will and were controlled by invisible threads.

Said technologies would not have been effective a few years ago, but with the massive proliferation of the use of smartphones, anyone attending a demonstration sees their brain bombed by waves from their own cell phone, as well as by nearby cell phones, turning people congregated in a fanatic mass easily controllable.

The arrival of the Jewish specialists to Barcelona and the feverish work that they are carrying out in the last hours, they foretell that in the next days the events and the masses blind and fanatized by the separatist order will be precipitated will be used as a shock force to implement the Catalan-Zionist project of destruction of our country, already converted into the last hope of the world in the fight against the Masonic-Jew plan of world control.