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Civil Guards against the state: they blame the government had privatized security

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Civil guards 'associations have raised their voices against the government just after it was announced that agents of this body could take over the security control tasks in El Prat due to the chaos provoked by the Eulen workers' strikes.

As soon as the news is known, civil guards associations have recalled that, if security had not been privatized before in the hands of this body, emergency measures such as that decided today should not be adopted.

And they refer to the Law of Forces and Security Corps of the State, which, with respect to the exclusive powers of the Civil Guard, says about its responsibility: "The custody of terrestrial communication channels, coasts, borders, ports, airports and centers And facilities that you may require for your interest. "

Resultat d'imatges de la guardia civil en el aeropuerto de el prat

The Unified Civil Guard Association (AUGC) insists in a statement that it has already warned of the negative consequences that would have to privatize security in airports and prisons. "Now that the conflict is evident, we go to the Civil Guard to solve it by using public officials who do not have fundamental rights such as unionization and collective bargaining," he adds.

Management problem

For the AUGC, the measure is "a management problem", since the staff of the Civil Guard "is under minimum and, in addition, the functions of control in airports must be carried out by specialized agents and with authorization of Aena" . The association is not willing to accept that "they are the basic agents who end up paying the consequences of the labor conflict" of the vigilantes, with whom it is in solidarity.

From the Union of Civil Guards (UnionGC), its president, Ramón Rodríguez Prendes, has expressed his defense of public services and his "firm opposition to suppress jobs that were occupying" the agents of this police force. For this reason, it demands that the Executive "put the batteries" and replenish and increase the Civil Guard troops in airports and in prisons.

Meanwhile, from the Union of Officers (UO), its spokesman, Jesús Martín Vázquez, asks the Government to remember the Civil Guard "not only to fulfill its obligation", because they are "very demanding time wage equalization and arrive ". "We do not have enough staff and, nevertheless, we have to reinforce what others do not do," added Martín Vázquez.

For his part, the president of the Association for Civil Guard (Aprogc), Fernando Ramirez Trejo, acknowledged that if there is a problem of public order, the Government must act and remembered that this body has always been in airports filters and , In fact, continues to oversee Eulen's work. Ramírez Trejo emphasized the need to guarantee order and the desirability of separating this labor conflict from the political situation in Catalonia.